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Submit Recommendation to DHSS

You have thirty (30) days from the date of your recommendation to apply and submit it to the Missouri DHSS online portal . After the DHSS confirms and approves your recommendation, you'll receive your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card in the mail. At this point, you may access any state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Obtaining your Medical Marijuana Recommendation is Quick & Hassle-Free with Online Telemed Consultations! See a Physician Right Now or Schedule an Appointment for Later.

Qualifying Conditions & Symptoms

You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Missouri. Proof of residency is required and can come in the form of a state ID, U.S. Passport or U.S. Photo ID or a Missouri ID card. If under the age of 18, additional forms will be required and parental guardian consent is required :

A chronic medical condition that is normally treated with a prescription medication that could lead to physical or psychological dependence, when a physician determines that medical use of marijuana could be effective in treating that condition and would serve as a safer alternative to the prescription medication

Medical records or other medical documentation such as health summaries, a letter/note from your Primary Care Physician, ER, Urgent Care visit, therapist and/or chiropractors, or copies of your prescription medications will be sufficient.

If you don't have medical records, be prepared to discuss in detail your medical history and why medical marijuana would be beneficial in treating your symptoms/improving your life. The doctor from their professional discretion and medical expertise will make the determination if you qualify


Completely Risk-Free & Money-Back Guarantee. If You're Not Approved, You Do Not Pay!

Gain Access To All Dispensaries and Medical Cannabis in Missouri Today!


$139 | New Patient Evaluations

The one-time fee includes an online physician consultation, medical marijuana recommendation and requisite follow-ups. Medical Marijuana recommendations will be provided to you on the same day of your consultation. Medical Marijuana recommendations are valid in Missouri for one year!

You are responsible for submitting your approved medical marijuana recommendation to the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services online registry within 30 days of receiving it. Click the blue PATIENT/CAREGIVER APPLICATION REGISTRATION button and follow the registration instructions.

State Fees

$25 | The standard and required application fee for patients

$25 | Optional, only if you need to add a caregiver to your account.

Application fees must be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. An additional credit card processing fee will be added to the transaction. These application and processing fees are non-refundable. The payment will not be refunded for applications not approved.

About Us

In 2018, we saw our first medical marijuana patient and have been incredibly passionate ever since about helping all of those in need find an alternative treatment solution to improve their lives! To date we've helped over 9,000 patients in Missouri, Oklahoma , and Ohio gain access to medical cannabis in support of their holistic healing journey! We're a coalition of local physicians with a combined experience of more than 150 years practicing medicine. Given our volunteering, philanthropic and charitable efforts, Green Team Doctors are highly respected throughout the community.

The founders are early pioneers of the medical cannabis industry having been involved in dispensary operations in Michigan and technology innovations in California. Unfortunately, both lost their fathers' to the opioid crisis and became passionate about exposing the masses to medical cannabis in hopes of potentially saving lives.

Collectively, we're passionate about providing an optimized patient experience while combating the war on opioids and marching to the mantra of #NoMorePills

Missouri Lead Physicians

Patient Testimonials

"Missouri Green Team took the complications and unknown out of the entire process . From the straightforward website, easy scheduling system, to top-notch customer service, and friendly physician evaluations the overall experience was superb!"

Thomas H

"Wow, excellent customer service! Everyone I spoke to at Missouri Green Team was super friendly, patient and very informative . Dr Drew was understanding, empathetic and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!"

Lindsay S.

"As a veteran suffering from PTSD, not only did I receive a discount with Missouri Green Team but I was treated with such high respect! I recommend MGT to anyone seeking a medical marijuana recommendations. Thanks Missouri Green Team."

Dennis H.

"Professional, welcoming and efficient is how I'd describe my experience with Missouri Green Team. They were quite helpful and responsive with every question (and there were many!) I had. Dr Lee was efficient yet detailed and provided great insight about cannabis- thanks for everything!"

Diane L.

"Thankful for the crew at Missouri Green Team. The registration process was simple and my doctor was thorough. Much less expensive than other companies I inquired into. Thank you, MGT!"

Questions? Please reference our FAQ section.

For all questions related to Missouri's Medical Marijuana Program please click this link to visit their website , call (866) 219-0165 or email medicalmarijuanainfo@health.mo.gov